A list of the courses I have designed and taught, current as of June 2020. An asterisk* indicates a new course currently in progress. A dagger† indicates a team-taught course to which I contributed as a junior member. The list does not include any of several teaching assistantships.

These courses were taught on a freelance basis. The syllabuses sampled here are my original work. They do sometimes incorporate or adapt text that was provided by various institutional offices to advertise their policies and services, as is customary. Otherwise, these syllabuses do not necessarily represent the opinions of the universities or departments where they were taught.

La Salle University

(2013-2014 and 2019-present, Philadelphia, Pa.)

AMST 100: American Dreams: American Themes

HON 121: Historic Perspectives I (PDF)

HIS 155: Themes in American History (PDF)

HIS 251: Global History from 1500 to the Present

HIS 663: Readings in Special Topics: History of Philadelphia

Rowan University

(2019, Glassboro, N.J.)

HIST 05150: United States History to 1865 (PDF)

Marywood University

(2015-2019, Scranton, Pa.)

HIST 100: Roots of the Modern World

HIST 105: Ethnicity and Diversity in the Modern World (PDF)

HIST 252: United States History to 1865

HIST 253: United States History since 1865

University of Scranton

(2015-2019, Scranton, Pa.)

HIST 130: World History I

HIST 131: World History II

WRTG 107: (First-Year Writing) Composition (PDF)

Syracuse University

(2011-2012, Syracuse, N.Y.)

MAX 123: Critical Issues for the United States†