A list of the courses I have designed and taught, current as of September 2019. An asterisk* indicates a new course currently underway. A dagger† indicates a team-taught course to which I contributed as a junior member. The list does not include any of several teaching assistantships.

Syllabuses for some of these courses are being added.

Rowan University

(2019-present, Glassboro, N.J.)

HIST 05150: United States History to 1865*

La Salle University

(2013-2014 and 2019-present, Philadelphia, Pa.)

HON 121: Historic Perspectives I* (PDF)

HIS 155: Themes in American History (PDF)

HIS 251: Global History from 1500 to the Present

HIS 663: Readings in Special Topics: History of Philadelphia*

Marywood University

(2015-2019, Scranton, Pa.)

HIST 100: Roots of the Modern World (PDF)

HIST 105: Ethnicity and Diversity in the Modern World (PDF)

HIST 252: United States History to 1865

HIST 253: United States History since 1865

University of Scranton

(2015-2019, Scranton, Pa.)

HIST 130: World History I

HIST 131: World History II

WRTG 107: (First-Year Writing) Composition (PDF)

Syracuse University

(2011-2012, Syracuse, N.Y.)

MAX 123: Critical Issues for the United States†