Week Links in Education: Nov. 26

Some of the stories and essays, particularly related to education in the United States, that caught my attention this week. A 🕛 symbol indicates a known metered paywall.

Graduate students around the world are losing faith in their career prospects.

A jury awarded 🕛 an Auburn University economist $646,000 after the university punished him for speaking publicly about foundation money and the football team.

Sierra Leone has dedicated nearly a quarter of its national budget to education. The president called it “an existential issue.”

Rhitu Chatterjee remembered a Thanksgiving twenty years ago when a student forgot her homesickness.

In a predominantly white community in North Jersey, a grownup called the police, “scared” by a Black fourth grader’s interest in science.

A team of researchers found that racial and ethnic disparities in advanced math and science skills emerge by kindergarten.

In Orlando, a teacher got a student loan bill for $955,000.

An 11-year-old boy who dreams of joining the University of Michigan marching band got a surprise.