Week Links in Education: Jan. 21

Stories and essays, particularly related to education in the United States, that caught my attention this week. A đź•› symbol indicates a known metered paywall.

The BBC World Service’s Witness History program looked back at the “house schools” that Albanians in Kosovo created in response to Slobodan Milošević’s repression during the 1990s.

The Cardiff University psychologist Nic Hooper published a short introduction to acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for anxious university students.

During the 2021 pandemic year, women of color made up a disproportionate share of the nearly one million Americans who went back to college.

Some experts believe 2023 will be a rocky đź•› year for U.S. college closures.

Amanda Peet, the show’s co-creator, confirmed that the Netflix series The Chair won’t get a second season. (I wrote about the show here.)