Week Links in Education: Feb. 25

Stories and essays, particularly related to education in the United States, that caught my attention this week. A 🕛 symbol indicates a metered paywall.

A two-weeks-long evangelical revival on the campus of Asbury University has moved 🕛 off-campus, more or less. It’s been a lot for a small college to handle.

Palm Beach Atlantic University, an evangelical Christian college that does not have tenure, allegedly 🕛 initiated the possible firing of a full professor for teaching “works from Black authors and civil rights activists” in a unit on racial justice. The provost ambushed him after class, then went to prepare for the arrival of the Florida governor on campus.

In spite of overwhelming opposition from students, faculty, and community members, Marymount University’s board of trustees voted unanimously to eliminate nine majors in the humanities and social sciences. Students at the Catholic university will no longer be able to major in religion.

The first Black superintendent of Virginia Military Institute, Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins, is facing 🕛 an organized campaign of opposition, led by another alumnus whose racist radicalization over the past decade has surprised some who knew him as a student.

The just-arm-teachers approach to preventing gun violence is going well at Rising Star Independent School District, near Abilene, where a third grader found 🕛 a gun the “beloved” superintendent accidentally left in the bathroom.

Meredith Draughn, the American School Counselor Association’s school counselor of the year, offered advice for helping children shift to “post-pandemic” life.

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