Week Links in Education: Mar. 11

Stories and essays, particularly related to education in the United States, that caught my attention this week. A đź•› symbol indicates a metered paywall.

The parents of a Black teenager attending a predominantly white school in South Carolina are suing after she says a teacher assaulted her for declining to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance.

In the United States, no agency has the authority to regulate indoor air quality, but controlling infectious diseases in schools may depend on nothing more than that.

In Ontario, two professors who were laid off when Laurentian University burned 76 programs called for a criminal investigation of the school’s financial arrangements.

Responding to the latest New York Times opinion piece about supposedly “puritanically progressive campuses that alienate conservative students,” Henry Farrell explained what social science research actually reveals about the differences between conservative and liberal students at college.

Pennsylvania has eliminated the college degree as a required credential for 92% of state government jobs.

David Palmieri examined Catholic dioceses that have adopted policies excluding gay and trans students as well as workers from their schools.

Charles Kenneth Roberts observed that academia’s supposed “quiet quitting” phenomenon is just a manifestation of a deeper crisis in the way academic work is (or, more likely, isn’t) rewarded.

According to the latest “autonomy scorecard” đź•› published by the European University Association, governments across 35 European countries or regions are finding a variety of ways to undermine the independence of their public institutions. Hungary is no longer included in the scorecard at all.

After only 927 years, the University of Oxford has banned its employees from pursuing sex with students.

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