Week Links in Education: Mar. 18

Stories and essays, particularly related to education in the United States, that caught my attention this week. A 🕛 symbol indicates a metered paywall.

For now, Florida’s “Stop WOKE” educational gag law remains blocked 🕛 in state colleges and universities (but not K-12 schools) by a federal court injunction.

As expected, Palm Beach Atlantic University, an evangelical Christian college in Florida, fired Prof. Sam Joeckel and banned him from campus after a parent complained that he was teaching a unit on racial justice.

In January, a predominately white middle school near Dallas attempted to subject a Black student to a drastic, life-altering punishment for being afraid of a school shooting threat.

Colleges apparently are responding to student mental health needs by firing 🕛 their counseling center directors.

Between May and December 2020, Berkeley researchers found, school disruptions weren’t harmful to the mental health of American 10-to-13-year-olds, but family financial anxiety was.

According to a new research working paper, the teacher-evaluation reforms initiated by the Obama administration didn’t work.

The Great Migration brought Black students almost one full extra year of schooling in the early 20th century.

When law students at Stanford shouted down a judicial clown, wrote Ken White (known to the Internet as “Popehat”), there were no heroes anywhere in the story. But the “pantomime” was perfectly designed to confirm conservative narratives about universities.

The number of first-time graduates completing bachelor’s degrees at American colleges and universities fell by 2.4% last year, and the number completing associate’s degrees fell by 7.6%.

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