Help Students in the Crisis

If you’ve found Blue Book Diaries useful in the past, I’d like to make a special request. Could you spare $5 for La Salle University’s Student Emergency Fund?

La Salle, my current employer, is located in a poor part of Philadelphia. While dealing with serious financial challenges of its own, it serves many students from vulnerable populations. Many of them want to enter careers in nursing, social work, education, and other fields crucial to the resilience of their communities.

Without help, some of our students may not be able to complete their college degrees due to the COVID-19 emergency and its economic fallout. As I write this, Philadelphia is bracing to be hit hard by the pandemic.

If you have the means, would you consider doing me a favor by helping some of our students in this small way?

The Student Emergency Fund is designed to help our students with needs associated with the pandemic: loaner laptops, travel fare or moving costs, emergency tuition help, and assistance with food and housing insecurity. When you donate online, you can designate your gift in honor or memory of someone you care about—perhaps a teacher who helped you at a critical time, or a loved one affected by the pandemic.

I’m asking for a one-time $5 donation as a way to show support for the work I’ve described on this blog, and as an investment in the future of students I have worked with. Thank you in advance for what you can provide!